Professional 3d modeling, rendering and animations/Modelare 3d, randari si animatii profesionale

Professional 3d modelling and renderings/Modelare 3d si randari profesionale




Sometimes the best high quality textures, the highest resolutions and the best lighting setups are not enough to impress your clients and make them truly understand the full extent of your designs. Above all photorealistic representations your projects may take, a human touch is needed to free your ideas from the cold, sharp and distant visualizations a digital environment usually offers.

Our tools are, aside from computers and complicated software, an in depth understanding of atmosphere, mood,  and the small but significant impact of details. Whether it's a residential complex or a hand-cream commercial, we approach all our projects with the same seriousness and involvement that we certify with one of our greatest achievements: We never missed a dead-line and we never will!

Our expertise covers a wide range of digital visualizations, from 2d and 3d still renderings to full length animations and video presentations. Our services are of great value to architecture studios, advertising agencies as well as real estate firms or anyone who is in need of high-quality graphics.

Claudiu Buzilan - architect, 3d artist, founder of BUZILAN digital visualization studios

Architecture, Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism - Bucharest 

Developed an interest in architecture under the guidance of his 5th grade "arts and crafts" teacher and a passion for digital works during his college years. After experimenting with photography for a couple of years decided to take the next step into the unbounded realm of 3D visualizations.

Is in charge of 3D modelling, texture tweaking, lighting setups and post-processing.





Anca Buzilan - architect, 3d artist, co-founder of BUZILAN digital visualization studios

Architecture, Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism - Bucharest

Passionate about visual representations (paintings, drawings, photography etc.) as well as exact sciences, the study of architecture came as a natural choice. After working for a couple of years in the field of interior design, Anca developed an interest  in the study of light, texture, colour and ambiance.

Is in charge of 3D modelling, environment setup, general texturing and compositing  management.






Alina Borcea - artistic consultant, partner - BUZILAN digital visualization studios

"George Enescu" University of Arts - Iasi, Romania (150 years of modern artistic higher education)/The Faculty of Fine Arts, Decorative Arts and Design/Decorative Arts/ Textile Arts - Bachelor Degree 

UNARTE - National University of Arts - Bucharest, Romania/FADD - Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design/Textile Arts - Master Degree
Inspired by kids imagination, games, colours, vivid accents, often flirts with interior and product design, graphic design, illustrations and drawings, especially decorative ones.


Daniel Constantinescu - flash developer, DTP, webdesigner, partner - BUZILAN digital visualization studios

Automatic control and computer science - Politehnica University of Bucharest

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Html, CSS design and programming, PHP, MySQL, C++ have no secrets for him.